Don't Rush

I am a big advocate of our mental health coming first. If you're reading this, then there is a great chance you take your career and works seriously. Superman or Superwoman is a title many strong leaders bear by their colleagues ad constituents. Being a fearless opportunist is one of my strengths and weaknesses. Back in 2016, I realized I needed to start practicing what I preach. I removed myself from the workplace environment for almost three years and focused on a healthier mind. Yes, taking time off for health and wellness was incomparable. Yet, I stalled the process for decades because I was afraid of losing income, my clientele, respect from other Black people, and self-purpose. There is a ginormous negative stigma of laziness or gold-digging among women and my race and culture. At some point, I knew I needed to throw my hands up and have faith. The process began abruptly and unforgiving. However, by the end of my journey, I learned to trust myself more and know my worth. My judgment is the only opinion that matters to me - and hopefully for you too. All of this is to say that go at your own pace. "Now" will always come tomorrow and you do not always have to strike while the iron is hot. Don't rush yourself. Listen to body. Listen to your mind. Listen to your needs.